Vet Visit

So, G peed outside the litterbox twice today. Cue a call to the vet.I will divide it into "Expected bad news", "Good new" and "Only G". Expected bad new is that he has a severe urinal tract inflammation, for which he got some shots and different food for a couple of weeks. Good news is that nothing else seems amiss.Only G....well:
1) after the vet managed to get him into the carrier G still got in a good scratch in
2) still growling and twitching his tail after general anesthetics took
3) the vet going O_O at the fact he's 7.5 kg with that build and insisting he's overweight. Me and shiri looked at each other and nearly burst out laughing(that is muscle. As the vet should well know after wrestling him)
4) When we took him back up the vet told us "oh he will be awake in about 4 or 5 hours and probably groggy for another 4-5, close him in a room you can afford to leave unused for the night" less than two hours later we looked in on him and released him out, chipper, wide awake and friendly
ETA: 5)nearly forgot : the vet trying to draw blood and grumbling, because even when he found a vein the first time, he couldn't draw blood. G is apparently a difficult patient even when he is not awake to actively resist....

Terry Pratchett Just Died

He was one of the writers that helped shape me. He was, I think, the first who showed me that taking yourself seriously all the time was a good way to overlook your own failings. And that laughing at your own failings when looking at them was a great way of not letting them blot out the world. Because we're all people, and we're all ridiculous.

He was also the first who took the books I enjoyed reading at the time as escapism(yes, I loved heroic fantasy), and showed me how ridiculous they actually were in their essentialism. And managed to do so while getting me to laugh with him, because I saw the ridiculous as well when he pointed it out.

To PTerry, may your travel across the desert be short, and may affectionate cats await you on the other side.

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Recipe for the cold coffee from yesterday, so I don't forget:

2L water
7 tablespoons coffee
~teaspoon ground cardamom
10 tablespoons demarara sugar

1. mix the coffee and the cardamom in a small bowl, measure the sugar into a different bowl
2. Put the water in a large pot and bring it to the beginning of a gentle boil on a large flame
3. shut down the flame and move the pot aside
4. add the coffee and cardamom and stir just enough so there are no clumps
5. light a flame that is wide enough for the pot on its next to lowest setting - if you'r using electric stove, like I did, make sure it's a different flame, since the heating element takes time to cool down.
6. let the pot sit until it has been gently steaming for about 5 minute(this will take 20-25 minutes, if this batch is a good indicator)
7. move the pot off the flame for 5 minuts
8. repeat 6 and 7 twice more
9. add the sugar and stir for 30-40 seconds, then repeat 6
10. move the pot off the flame and wait for 5 minutes while the grounds settle down
11a. strain through coffee filter paper. alternately, if you have a plunger with a dense mesh
11b. use the coffee plunger and then the filter paper.

1) the main idea while brewing is moving the water as little as possible, keep this in mind while moving the pot
2) you had better change filter papers after each use because the grounds will start blocking the paper rather quickly

my evening in high and low point

low point:My body being hungry and my brain going "No you don't!" at any and all food present, and don't even mention preparing something or ordering out. Good thing I have energy bars I like at home as I can eat those even when my brain pulls shenanigans like these.

High point: I'm re-reading Freakangels, and just got to the panel where Connor and Jack bring the chickens to Karl. KK cracked me up, but good :)

Israelis and coffee

Background:our water heater started shorting the electricity so we had an electrician over this morning.This conversation happened while he was closing stuff back up.
Me:A drink of water?
Him:Actually, coffee would be better
Me: which kind?Espresso, instant, french press..
Him: Black
Me: The real deal or botz*?
Him: The real deal.
[ensuing enquiries about cardamom and sugar left out]

*for those not familiar - hot water poured over coffee grounds
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A relevant moment today

Listening to Rachael Sage's "Sacrifice" and understanding how much it means to me, and that there are some family in my life I honestly need to have that attitude towards. And how the things she describes in it shaped my life and my relationships with my family.

Know that these are my own true words
Even if your approval is my sacrifice

how to find an AI

AR has been swearing at her computer since the morning(the VM's we're working with were causing problems), my response: "We would know you found an AI when it starts swearing back"

So, I just tried to see the first chapter of Grimm

*Tried* being the key part. I gave up around 2/3rds of the way in, much to [personal profile] ernads annoyance(she was hoping to have another series we can watch together). At least this time I can articulate the reasons:

1) You have families that have been fighting these creatures for what, 200 years? At least? And they still haven't learned that the best way to make sure the line survives is teach their children everything they can at an early age? Rather, they still think that the best way to survive is hide everything from the children and hope like hell they aren't the ones chosen? I really really hate that trope.

2) No built in support structure that I can see. Are these guys for real?That's worse then Buffy. At least Slayers had support infrastructure, including some built-in intelligence capability, and someone who was supposed to teach them, even if the actual set-up was abominable.

3)Who the fuck, when he has a cooperative knowledgeable local doesn't stop for a couple of minutes and pump the guy for as much immediately relevant intel as he can get? And then starts debating with that local what they should do?

tl;dr - the show premises sets the protagonist and his whole line as incompetent. I don't really like these kind of shows.
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